Worksafe WA Retail Industry Checklist

Storage racking & shelving safety checklist


Does the steel storage racking racking meet AS4084-2012?

Has the racking layout provided adequate movement around the workplace?

Is there signage showing Designers name, maximum distances, permissible working unit load limit, total working unit load limit for each pallet beam level, total working unit load limit for each bay?

Is the racking secured when using material handling equipment with pallets?

Are there upright protectors in place to prevent damaged by material handling equipment?

Is there a maintenance program in place?

Are the shelf boards secured to ensure they do not dislodge?

Is stock stored on pallets/ shelving to an appropriate height?

Is stock stored on shelves to an appropriate depth (does not require extensive reach to rear stock)?

Is the stock arranged in a way to reduce the risk of manual tasks injuries? For example place awkward, bulky, large and heavy items on the lowest level so that it is easily accessible for a two person lift.

Is the stock stacked in a way so that it is stable with minimal risk of falling? Consider assessing the height each item is stored at.

Is there equipment available to assist with the moving of goods?

Are the aisles, emergency exits and pedestrian gantry kept clear from obstructions?

Is there sufficient space for employees to carry out their tasks and the use of material handling equipment?

Are there storage areas for empty pallets and a separate area for damaged pallets?

Is there a maintenance program in place for damaged pallets?

Is the height of the pallet horizontal beams at an adequate height so that employees can access without hitting their heads?


Author:   Haydee

Edited:   Katie Carr





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