Make work health and safety a priority today and all throughout the year, urges Safe Work Australia Chair 


Many workplaces are pushing through to wrap up end-of-year jobs before they shut down. We know that people, even sensible people, when they are rushed tend to put finishing the job ahead of safety. 

This, together with summer heat, fatigue from festive season events, changes in working arrangements due to school holidays and an increase in inexperienced casual workers, can all put extra pressure on workplaces. 

Data from Safe Work Australia shows that the most common cause of death in the workplace are falls from a height and being hit by a moving object. 

Take five simple steps to plan how work can be done safely during the holiday season and all throughout the year. 

Stop and really think about the job.

Look around carefully for hazards.

Talk with your colleagues about what could go wrong.

Decide how you can all make it safer for everyone.

Finally don’t start the job until everyone is clear about how to do it safely.

“Let’s all take five to make sure we all make it home safely this season.”

Author:     Haydee

Edited:     Katie

Source:   www.safetyculture.com.au 




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