Racking Inspection Software

The RAT Software

Our RAT (Racking Audit Technology) software ensures your inspection complies with all International Racking Standards including the Australian Standard (AS4084-2012).

Our technology also provides a reporting system that complies with various work safe authorities and their requirement for a "closed loop OH&S system". This means that your racking safety is documented from the first noting of an item of damage through to the repairing of that item and the certification of the repair by our inspector.

Data is collected on-site using state of the art hand held devices and then uploded to a central data base (iRAT).

Access to your report is available online via iRAT to all authorised users within 24 hours* of the completion of the inspection.

The iRAT Software

iRAT is the central database where all reports are stored. If you manage multiple sites you will be able to see at a glance all of your inspection reports for each site.

You will also be able to create your own status reports based on the inspections completed, this functionality is invaluable in assisting with your monthly/quarterly/annual reporting. You can choose from our many different reports to customise your own reports including risk breakdown reports, repair progress reports and non repaired items aging reports.

Our software is constantly evolving and we are very responsive to client feedback on reporting and items that would be of value in our reports. We also constantly update the software - anticipating requirements and providing the most up to date data collection and distribution systems currently available.


*99% of reports will be available within this timeframe 




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