Here are some recommendations to ensure you manage steel storage racking effectively


  1. Ensure you have on-line access to your report/s via IRIA's online system-  iRAT.
  2. IRIA provides an onsite racking safety manual. Verify you have a copy and keep it in a prominent location.
  3. Have documentation to demonstrate that your staff have been trained to use the equipment on site.
  4. Have records to demonstrate that your staff know how to safely work around racking via IRIA's online training packages.
  5. Make sure that there is a system in place to report building and racking damage. IRIA provides hard copy and online systems to manage racking safety effectively.
  6. Document actioned racking repairs to reported damage via iRAT
  7. Ensure that your staff know what the capacity is for the racking system/building. Safe Work Load’s provide this information and can be discussed at time of IRIA's inspection.
  8. Is all safety signage is in place including loading capacity signage?
  9. Make sure that you can demonstrate a repair program for the building and racking system. IRAT’s online reports provide this information.
  10. Ensure that all of the appropriate records can be accessed easily. Your IRIA onsite manual should contain all racking related records in a prominent location.




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