Mark Helding Racking Inspections Australia NZ

Mark Helding – Managing Director

Marks' inclusive leadership style draws together all IRIA staff allowing them to feel that he or she play an integral part in the success of the business. Mark is committed to communicating a vision that inspires and motivates and he is the catalyst for IRIA's continued success.

"Good old fashioned customer service and the ability to provide agile innovation will stand IRIA apart as a business."

Jayne Helding Business Administrator Independent Racking Inspections

Jayne Helding – Business Manager

Jayne's ability to instill calm and her commitment to support the team at all times has become a constant in the IRIA office. Backed up by intuitive business skills developed over many years in the banking industry Jayne is crucial in the future success of IRIA.

"Our employees are integral to the success of our business. They are highly trained, responsive people with great attention to detail. They enable us to be the customer centric business we are, with safety our number one priority."

Ros Bulluss Independent Racking Inspections Account Manager

Ros Bulluss – Accounts Manager

Ros has been a member of the IRIA team since 2007. Ros' strong work ethic, professionalism and intelligent processes have proved invaluable in the growth of the business. Ros brings a joyfulness to the office and this carries over to her dealings with our clients and suppliers.

"I am enjoying the challenge of this busy environment and continue to learn and grow in the supportive culture of the business".

Kyrena Ashford Scheduling Co-Ordinator

Kyrena Ashford – Scheduling Co-Ordinator

Kyrena has a strong background in co-ordination of staff and customer service. Her friendly nature and willingness to get in and have a go are a great asset to IRIA. If you give our office a call your first point of contact will probably be Kyrena.
Katie Carr Office Assistant IRIA

Katie Carr - IRIA Office Assistant

Joining the IRIA team in late 2015, Katie has a strong communications and administration background.  Katie's main focus is to provide the best possible service and she is learning fast with the help of her IRIA team members.

"I am a Capricorn, and true to that, if I say I am going to email you or call you back, you can bet that I will. Service and being reliable is paramount."

Steve Begley Racking Inspector Australia

Steve Begley – Racking Inspector

Steve joined IRIA in October 2007 after running a related OH&S business for 4 years. His previous work in the printing industry developed his keen eye for detail which has seen him excel in his role of racking inspector. Steve is always a valued contributor in this demanding yet satisfying role creating safer work environments.

"I was impressed by the autonomous nature of the role and the enthusiasm and expertise of the management team."

Steel Racking Inspector Fiona Morton

Fiona Morton – Racking Inspector

Fiona joined IRIA in 2008 after 13 years in the steel industry, focusing on safety and quality. Fiona came to us with a commitment to getting things done and a determination for achieving a happy work life balance. Fiona's continued dedication to safety has seen her become an invaluable team member.

"The great thing about working with the IRIA team is we're all there for each other, just like a family should be."

Pallet Racking Inspector Ben Olsen

Ben Olsen – Racking Inspector

Ben is based in Perth and travels across some of the most remote parts of Western Australia to complete racking inspections. His dedication to getting it right the first time is admirable and his commitment to our clients is second to none. Ben has a solid background in OHS and is passionate about ensuring safety for all workers in their workplaces.

"I am enjoying the challenges of travelling and supporting our clients in the remotest of areas".

Geoff Ryder Rack Inspector

Geoff Ryder – Racking Inspector

Geoff’s background in both racking installations and hazardous materials audits provides him with invaluable experience in completing his role as a racking inspector. With a keen eye for detail and a strong work ethic, Geoff is an integral part of our IRIA team.

Andrew Wilson Racking Inspector

Andrew Wilson – Racking Inspector

Andrew has a strong background in the Gas Industry, in areas involving auditing and compliance to Australian Standards. His friendly manner and high customer service standards combined with his interest in safety at work sites makes Andrew a valuable member of our team.




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