A company in the design and manufacture of custom made hardware for use in various industries had a mixture of racking brands including an unknown brand at their major manufacturing site. In order to safely continue using the multiple bays of unknown branded racking the company were required to have load charts for compliance to the AS4084 standard. A racking repairer had recommended to the company that a large number of bays of the unknown brand racking needed to be replaced as it was unsupported by a manufacturer who could provide load charts.

The client came to IRIA to obtain an independent opinion on the condition of all their racking onsite with a view to carrying out works to bring the site up to compliance with the Australian Standard AS4084.

IRIA proposed inspecting the racking on site and test (destructive) one bay of the unknown racking in order to facilitate the production of load charts if the racking was of suitable condition.

The IRIA report identified a high level of damage within a small number of bays of the unknown brand racking structure which meant that these bays would need to be decommissioned whilst another bay was able to be used for destructive testing in order to produce a load chart for the remaining bays.

The result was that only three new bays of racking were purchased to replace the racking that was destructive tested at a significantly lower capex cost to the alternative of replacing all of the unknown branded racking. A load chart was consequently produced by IRIA for the unknown branded bays.

Since the load data for this pallet rack system was unavailable, load testing on the pallet beams was performed at IRIA’s dedicated test facility. Using the methodology outlined in AS4084, data from the structural testing program was then able to be incorporated into the load charts that were subsequently produced for this racking.

IRIA were able to customise a solution for this client by:

  • Offering greater visibility of the condition of the racking via an independent inspection offering a full detailed report
  • Support an unknown brand of racking with a load chart assisting in compliance to the Australian Standard
  • Saving the client from having to purchase more racking to replace the unsupported brand
  • Access to expert racking safety knowledge

“After being told by a racking supplier that the only way to obtain compliance on our unknown brand of racking was to replace it, we knew that we needed to look for a different solution. IRIA worked closely with us to understand our business requirements and the need to support a diverse range of racking brands. Specifically they were able to tailor a solution and offer the production of load charts, which negated the need to replace the racking. In addition we achieved compliance to the AS4084-12 Standard and gained a clear understanding of load capacity requirements.”

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