Our client is a global provider of document and information storage. It has sites in 35 countries around the world servicing a diverse range of clientele.

In 2010 Independent Racking Inspections and Audits (IRIA) were contracted to complete a racking safety inspection service for all sites of company operation.

Within this 12-month period, IRIA put together an effective schedule that ensured the thorough inspection of all sites. In addition to this, IRIA provided a range of reports delivered to support the Global Risk Team. The reports guaranteed that all racking repairs conducted complied with the necessary global racking standards.


Client Testimonial

Following a death from a racking collapse we implemented IRIA’s unique service globally. For the past 4 years IRIA have provided us with an exceptional service that has allowed my team and I to oversee all sites from our centralised locations. We have been impressed with IRIA’s responsiveness and willingness to go beyond what would normally be expected.

Chief Risk Officer 2013


Key benefits from the introduction of IRIA services included:

  • Reduced Repair Costs
  • Greater visibility of the racking repair cycle
  • Access to expert racking knowledge
  • Uniformed reporting of damage

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