The Company is a provider of wholesale electricity and runs supply depots throughout metropolitan and regional Australia. This multisite environment includes a range of racking brands and types. Independent Racking Inspections and Audits (IRIA) provided a complete inspection services to all sites.

The Company used extensively the IRAT system. Specifically it was able to identify sites that were a high risk. In addition high risk sites were inspected on a more regular basis helping reduce the risk to the business.


It was so easy to arrange everything with IRIA, they just made our job so easy.
OHSE Manager 2014

The main benefit from the introduction of the IRIA services includes:

  • Reduced Repair Costs
  • Greater visibility of the racking repair cycle
  • Access to expert racking knowledge
  • Uniformed reporting of damage
  • Identification of High Risk sites

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Sites Inspected by IRIA

Damage Classification & Risk Management

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