Our client is a leading provider of engines and turbines to the road transport and mining sectors. This organisation runs a large-scale global operation with a range of facilities operating across both Australia and the Asia Pacific Region.

The initial contract brief included an audit of all company racking as well as the standard thorough racking safety inspection service.


Not only were IRIA able to complete the racking inspections for all sites but it also provided a detailed list of racking bay numbers by site: including their estimated age, condition and brand. As a result, the service provided was able to save the company an estimated $300,000AUD in repair costs.

Key benefits from the introduction of the IRIA services included:

  • Reduced Repair Costs
  • Online racking training
  • Significant reduction in repair costs
  • Greater visibility of the racking repair cycle
  • Access to expert racking knowledge
  • Uniformed reporting of damage

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