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The company is a National provider of electrical components to wholesale & retail customer. It has close to 100 sites nationally. Independent Racking Inspections and Audits (IRIA) were contracted in 2007 to complete a racking inspection service at all sites and remains the sole provider of racking inspections.

"IRIA was able to put together an…


Independent Racking Inspections and Audits (IRIA) provides a tried and tested racking inspection service to clients ranging from small independent businesses to leading multi-site organisations, both within Australia and globally. IRIA's world first technology provides our clients with regular, unbiased, fully documented racking inspections and advanced reporting. IRIA helps these organisations…

Racking Inspection Software

The RAT Software

Our RAT (Racking Audit Technology) software ensures your inspection complies with all International Racking Standards including the Australian Standard (AS4084-2012).

Our technology also provides a reporting system that complies with various work safe authorities and their requirement for a "closed loop OH&S system". This means that your racking safety is documented from the…




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