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Our client specialised in the design and manufacture of custom made hardware for a wide range of purposes.

Prior to our involvement, the organisation utilised a mixture of racking brands, including an unknown brand at their major manufacturing site. After a racking supplier advised the company that their racking urgently required replacement Independent Racking Inspections (IRIA) was contacted to assist.

IRIA was then hired to provide an independent opinion, review and oversight of all sites to determine the racking equipment condition and compliance with AS4084 standard Australian industry regulations.

IRIA proposed a racking risk assessment, including on site racking inspection and the destructive test of one bay of the unknown racking. This was conducted in order to facilitate the production of load charts if the racking was determined to be of suitable condition.

The audit identified a high level of damage within three bays of the unknown brand racking structure. The assessment determined that in order to restore a safe and compliant working environment these particular bays would need to be immediately decommissioned. A load chart was then produced by IRIA for the unknown branded bays.

Due to the effectiveness of the IRIA load chart testing, complete replacement of all unknown racking equipment was not required. The final outcome of this intervention enabled the client to save a significant amount of potential expenditure.

Since the load data for this pallet rack system was unavailable, load testing on the pallet beams was performed at IRIA’s dedicated test facility. Using the methodology outlined in AS4084, data from the structural testing program was then incorporated into the load charts subsequently produced for this racking.

IRIA were able to customise a solution for this client through:

  • Offering greater visibility of the condition of the racking via an independent inspection offering a full detailed report
  • Support to an unknown brand of racking with a load chart assisting in compliance to the Australian Standard
  • Saving the client from purchasing more racking to replace the unsupported brand
  • Access to expert racking safety knowledge

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