Covid-19 Safety

In these uncertain times are you sure you can trust who is coming onto your site?

IRIA is taking COVID-19 seriously and has in place a rigorous plan to protect its staff, clients and the community. This includes the use of Rapid Antigen Testing programs and paperless, touch free inspections. When you engage IRIA you can be sure that everything possible has be done to protect everyone.

At IRIA we are acutely aware of the current challenges our community is facing with COVID-19. We have put in place a range of steps and policies (related to reporting of infections), to ensure that our staff and clients are safe.

IRIA believes that the inspection process is low risk in relation to the spread of COVID-19; inspections are in most instances unaccompanied, IRIA team members are aware of the processes to reduce risk of infection including “distancing,” and reports are provided remotely and are not paper based.

We look forward to continuing to work with you to ensure that you and your racking systems remain safe.

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