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Reconciliation Action Plan

Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

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IRIA Pty Ltd, a leading Australian company in the Racking Inspection, Testing, and Training sector, has achieved a significant milestone by gaining “Reflect” status with Reconciliation. This recognition demonstrates the company’s commitment to promoting reconciliation, fostering cultural diversity, and creating an inclusive workplace environment. IRIA Pty Ltd.’s journey towards achieving this status has involved implementing various initiatives that prioritise reconciliation, respect, and understanding.

As a Reflect organisation, IRIA Pty Ltd has taken proactive steps to build strong relationships with Indigenous communities, both internally and externally. They have engaged in meaningful partnerships with local Indigenous businesses, supported Indigenous education and employment programs, and implemented cultural awareness training for their employees. By embracing reconciliation, IRIA Pty Ltd has not only demonstrated its corporate social responsibility but has also created an environment that values diversity and promotes equality. This achievement highlights IRIA Pty Ltd.’s ongoing commitment to reconciliation and sets an example for other organisations to follow in their pursuit of creating a more inclusive society.