The “Faux Racking Inspection”

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When is a steel storage racking inspection not a racking inspection?

Recently we have noticed an upturn in companies and individuals offering steel storage racking inspections.

They fall into roughly two categories;

  1. Individuals that like the idea that they can go and inspect racking;
  2. Companies that have an existing consulting arm to which they would like to add racking inspections.

So how do we know all of this? IRIA has a range of online courses, from basic racking checks through to racking installations. We have both individuals and companies that call us to register into some of these courses from time to time.

In one case, we had a large multinational consulting company send several of their staff through the basic “Racking Checking” course only to then offer racking inspection services.

Clearly, this is wrong on several levels:

  • People completing this course are clearly not ready in any way to do a professional racking inspection;
  • Morally, completing an entry level course then selling that learning as a “Professional Inspection Service” could be construed as dishonest

So, if this is the case and companies and individuals are selling services they are clearly not qualified to deliver… How do you make sense of it all?

Asking these questions may help you:

  1. How many hours of training have each racking inspector undertaken?
  2. Are the inspectors from the racking industry?
  3. Can they demonstrate a verified training curriculum specialising in racking inspections?
  4. Do they offer a dedicated software platform that is designed to support steel storage racking inspections?
  5. Is steel storage racking inspections the only thing that they offer?

Answering all of these questions will determine if you are dealing with a competent person or something else. As you would be aware, the notion of a competent person is critical in all WorkSafe legislation.

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