ISO 45001 Now Published

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ISO 45001:2018, Occupational health and safety management systems – Requirements with guidance for use is now published.

The new International Standard for occupational health and safety provides a robust and effective set of processes for improving work safety in global supply chains. It is designed to help organisations and is expected to reduce workplace injuries and illnesses in the world.

With almost 7,700 persons dying of work-related diseases or injuries daily (2017 calculations by the International Labour Organisation), ISO 45001 hopes to provide governmental agencies, industry and other affected stakeholders with effective, usable guidance for improving worker safety in countries around the world.

David Smith, Chair of project committee ISO/PC 283 that developed ISO 45001 says the new International Standard will produce significant changes in workplace safety.

“It is hoped that ISO 45001 will lead to a major transformation in workplace practices and reduce the tragic toll of work-related accidents and illnesses across the globe,” he said.

“World standards writers have come together to provide a framework for a safer workplace for all, whatever sector you work in and wherever you work in the world.”

According to a media statement by Standards Australia, “Australia already has a robust and long-standing workplace health and safety legislative framework, and voluntary document, AS/NZS 4801:2001, Occupational health and safety management systems – Specification with guidance for use. This joint Australian and New Zealand Standard remains current in this area. Complying with an International Standard in this area is a decision to be made by the individual business manager after considering their position and business, at the same time as their legislative requirements.”

Standards Australia said further discussion will be required to evaluate the compatibility of the International Standard within the Australian regulatory framework.

“Standards Australia is committed to working with all stakeholders to determine the most suitable way of utilizing this new international standard in Australia.”

ISO 45001 will replace OHSAS 18001, which is the world’s former reference for workplace health and safety. The new International Standard can be purchased from the national ISO member or through the ISO store.

Author:     Haydee