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Pallet racking safety

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Racking collapses can be caused by a number of different things. Inadequate training of staff, previous damage and unrepaired damage, missing parts, for example, base plates, safety clips, or twisted base plates.

It is not only loss of life that results from racking collapses, other side effects include, the inability to service your clients, therefore loss of turnover, the costs involved in the replacement of collapsed racking and damaged to your stock and the potential legal action by workers if there was to be a work place accident.

Organising for your racking to be inspected by an independent racking inspection company ensures the most economical means of maintaining your racking as they can inspect all brands of racking independently with no selling precedence, this is especially important if you have multiple brands on your site and want an independent unbiased inspection.

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OH&S in the workplace

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Directors, Executives, Managers and Employees are all now seen to be responsible for OHS&E within the workplace. In some states the crime of “Industrial Manslaughter” is a reality.

Unsafe work efficiencies such as having damaged pallets in your racking can cause major collapses. All work practises need to be revised to ensure it is the best and safest way to execute that task and in turn this will be likely to increase workers confidence when working in and around these racking structures

It is important to remember to organise your racking to be inspected on a regular basis as poorly maintained racking can have disastrous consequences.

In the quest to reduce hazards in the workplace, scheduling an IRIA inspector to inspect your racking will give you peace of mind that your workers are not at risk of potentially fatal accidents.

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A little about us

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Independent Racking Inspections & Audits Pty Ltd (IRIA) completes over 2,000 racking inspections annually in 30 countries worldwide and has developed into one of the leading racking inspection businesses globally.  Our core purpose is to assist in contributing to safer working environments in and around steel storage racking and shelving.

We are audited annually and are an ISO accredited company in:

  • ISO 9001 – Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System
  • ISO 4801 – OH&S Management System

IRIA operate independently of any racking supplier or manufacturer.  We will not recommend unnecessary repairs, our clients find that our independence from any racking sales process keeps their repair costs down.

Our racking inspections comply with AS4084 and International Racking Standards and includes the following:

  • A ground based, visual check of all racking systems on site;
  • Checking the correct application and use of equipment;
  • Checking that the working load limits are adhered to;
  • Where a copy of the load application and configuration drawings are provided a check that the racking installation has not been detrimentally altered
  • Checking the extent of damage due to impact with the racking;
  • Checking out-of-plumb racking;
  • Examine for any dislocation and deformation of sections and connections for uprights and beams;
  • Examine connectors for deformation or signs of cracking of the welds;
  • Examine base plates and floor anchors.
  • Certification that damage listed on our previous racking inspection report has been repaired (included as part of your annual inspection or for a nominal fee can be done at any time)

Safe Work Load Charts

If you require safe work load charts this detail will be listed on your report for all brands of racking. We are able to assist with producing a limited suite of load charts for standard racking on your behalf. We will not know if we are able to produce load charts until after the racking inspection is completed.

Post Repair Certification

Certification of repairs will be included as part of your next inspection without any additional charge, however we can also return to your site at an earlier date to certify the repairs.  This can be undertaken prior to you paying for the repairs, if you prefer, and will ensure that the repair work has been completed to the Australian Standard and is complete.