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Are you in New Zealand and considering a Racking Inspection or Repair Service?

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Recently a well-known NZ Company was identified as falsifying repair records for a racking system. It is critical that your racking system is not only inspected but also professionally repaired. Sadly if the Racking Inspection service is deficient then the repair process cannot be verified. Similarly, if the repair process is deficient then you cannot ensure that your Racking System is safe.

If you have any questions or concerns about your Racking Inspection or Repair Services please contact IRIA via our contact form or by calling 0800 423 125.

Are you in NZ and considering a racking inspection service?

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Are you in NZ and considering a racking inspection service?

You probably should consider a range of things before engaging a company:

  1. Is the company or person independent of any manufacturer or repairer?
  2. Is the person considered “Competent” in the eyes of workplace legislation and the law?
  3. Can you confirm that the inspector is trained fully and able to identify racking parts and damage effectively?
  4. Is this person or company fully aware of changes occurring in the racking inspection sector?

IRIA has recently identified a range of significant shortcomings with some companies offering racking inspection services in NZ. In most instances, these deficiencies can be traced back to “The Inspector” as opposed to the inspection process.

If you are serious about racking safety and place value in utilising a properly trained, independent and diligent racking inspection service then contact one of our friendly staff via our contact form or by calling 0800 423 125.

Woolworths worker dies after pallet stack collapse

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Tragedy struck at a Woolworths distribution centre in Sydney’s western region when a pallet collapse occurred, leading to the death of a man and injuries sustained by two others.

Following the incident at Minchinbury on Tuesday afternoon, paramedics promptly provided treatment to the 37-year-old man, who was then transported to the hospital in critical condition. Unfortunately, the police were informed on Wednesday that the man had succumbed to his injuries.

The two remaining individuals affected by the pallet collapse were also taken to the hospital. Although their injuries were serious, they were reported to be in stable condition.

Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

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IRIA Pty Ltd, a leading Australian company in the Racking Inspection, Testing, and Training sector, has achieved a significant milestone by gaining “Reflect” status with Reconciliation. This recognition demonstrates the company’s commitment to promoting reconciliation, fostering cultural diversity, and creating an inclusive workplace environment. IRIA Pty Ltd.’s journey towards achieving this status has involved implementing various initiatives that prioritise reconciliation, respect, and understanding.

As a Reflect organisation, IRIA Pty Ltd has taken proactive steps to build strong relationships with Indigenous communities, both internally and externally. They have engaged in meaningful partnerships with local Indigenous businesses, supported Indigenous education and employment programs, and implemented cultural awareness training for their employees. By embracing reconciliation, IRIA Pty Ltd has not only demonstrated its corporate social responsibility but has also created an environment that values diversity and promotes equality. This achievement highlights IRIA Pty Ltd.’s ongoing commitment to reconciliation and sets an example for other organisations to follow in their pursuit of creating a more inclusive society.

Changes to the Australian Standard – AS4084 2023

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The Australian Standard for Steel Storage Racking has been updated for 2023. The standard is now in 2 parts; Design 4084.1:2023 and Operations 4084.2:2023. This update introduces a number of concepts that are new, including the notion of a Competent Person.

  • Design, Annual Inspections, and Repairs and Maintenance Shall be completed by Competent People.
  • Annual Inspections are mandatory
  • New Damage Types have been identified and old damage types have been clarified
  • Signage requirements have changed and now allow for alternate ways to demonstrate load carrying capacities of racking systems
  • Requirements for racking used outside have been clarified
  • Re-working of racking elements has been disallowed
  • The requirements for non-OEM Equipment usage have been clarified
  • The traffic light system remains the method of damage and risk allocation
  • Racking inspection and repair documentation needs to be maintained for the life of the racking system.

What Happens Now?

If you want to ensure that you comply with the 2023 version of the standard you need to contact IRIA and arrange an inspection. Utilising IRIA to complete your racking inspection will go a long way to helping with your larger compliance with AS4084 2023.

The “Faux Racking Inspection”

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When is a steel storage racking inspection not a racking inspection?

Recently we have noticed an upturn in companies and individuals offering steel storage racking inspections.

They fall into roughly two categories;

  1. Individuals that like the idea that they can go and inspect racking;
  2. Companies that have an existing consulting arm to which they would like to add racking inspections.

So how do we know all of this? IRIA has a range of online courses, from basic racking checks through to racking installations. We have both individuals and companies that call us to register into some of these courses from time to time.

In one case, we had a large multinational consulting company send several of their staff through the basic “Racking Checking” course only to then offer racking inspection services.

Clearly, this is wrong on several levels:

  • People completing this course are clearly not ready in any way to do a professional racking inspection;
  • Morally, completing an entry level course then selling that learning as a “Professional Inspection Service” could be construed as dishonest

So, if this is the case and companies and individuals are selling services they are clearly not qualified to deliver… How do you make sense of it all?

Asking these questions may help you:

  1. How many hours of training have each racking inspector undertaken?
  2. Are the inspectors from the racking industry?
  3. Can they demonstrate a verified training curriculum specialising in racking inspections?
  4. Do they offer a dedicated software platform that is designed to support steel storage racking inspections?
  5. Is steel storage racking inspections the only thing that they offer?

Answering all of these questions will determine if you are dealing with a competent person or something else. As you would be aware, the notion of a competent person is critical in all WorkSafe legislation.

IRIA offer Inspections, Training and Racking Testing. Contact us on 1300 136 649 or

Pallet racking safety

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Racking collapses can be caused by a number of different things. Inadequate training of staff, previous damage and unrepaired damage, missing parts, for example, base plates, safety clips, or twisted base plates.

It is not only loss of life that results from racking collapses, other side effects include, the inability to service your clients, therefore loss of turnover, the costs involved in the replacement of collapsed racking and damaged to your stock and the potential legal action by workers if there was to be a work place accident.

Organising for your racking to be inspected by an independent racking inspection company ensures the most economical means of maintaining your racking as they can inspect all brands of racking independently with no selling precedence, this is especially important if you have multiple brands on your site and want an independent unbiased inspection.

To have your racking inspected, click here to get a quote or contact IRIA

OH&S in the workplace

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Directors, Executives, Managers and Employees are all now seen to be responsible for OHS&E within the workplace. In some states the crime of “Industrial Manslaughter” is a reality.

Unsafe work efficiencies such as having damaged pallets in your racking can cause major collapses. All work practises need to be revised to ensure it is the best and safest way to execute that task and in turn this will be likely to increase workers confidence when working in and around these racking structures

It is important to remember to organise your racking to be inspected on a regular basis as poorly maintained racking can have disastrous consequences.

In the quest to reduce hazards in the workplace, scheduling an IRIA inspector to inspect your racking will give you peace of mind that your workers are not at risk of potentially fatal accidents.

To have your racking inspected, click here to get a quote or contact IRIA on 1300 136 649

Steel racking Safety

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The very real risk of fatal workplace accidents is a concern for all managers and employees; therefore, these risks need to be addressed through controls such as safety awareness and training.

It has been identified that most racking failures are a direct result of unqualified people changing racking, bumping into racking with forklifts or not fixing potentially fatal racking hazards.

It is important that all workplaces have regular safety inspections, and all repairs are attended to in order to ensure the safety of workers. By having six to twelve monthly workplace safety inspections such as a racking safety inspection, this is one way to help reduce workplace fatalities.

Utilising state of the art processes and technology IRIA provides regular, unbiased, fully documented racking inspections and audits. IRIA can implement a racking safety inspection regime that will ensure your compliance with the appropriate standards.


Steel Storage Racking Inspections

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With one of the most functional infrastructure elements in warehouses being Steel Storage Racking, a silently ignored risk could easily become a loud collapse with implications of industry manslaughter.

It is frightening to think that one slight alteration in racking from an unqualified person can have disastrous consequences to the stability of the racking and potentially the lives of people who work in that warehouse.

Independent Racking Inspections and Audits (IRIA) is an independent racking inspection company that conducts independent racking inspections in your workplace, to reduce the risk associated with the safe management of your steel pallet racking. We also offer training so your employees will know what to look for and raise concerns of a potential risks and eliminate them before they become a major incident.